2021 Singapore National

MakeX Spark Online Competition

「 Family Care 」

Valid Period: 14:00, 25th Oct-14:00, 7th Nov UTC+8 
Please follow the participation instructions for your first time.

Basic Information

Participation Instructions

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Jimmy Hoon


Excellent Mentor




Excellent Organization


ALZ Care – Xinmin Secondary School–Woon Seng Hong-Andre Ho Hong Ming

Zavier Wong The Smartramp–Zavier Wong

Eld-Buddy–Rameshkumar Srivikash


Young All-Rounder



MakeX2021 Code–Jaedon Su Qii Ern

MakeX-Remix–Julian Tan

Smart Home–Xu Letian Victor

MakeX 2021 Guardian–Asher Lo Ye Jun

Help Save Grandmas and Grandpas–Aaden Lim Guan Sheng



Young Designer


MedBot MakeX 2021 Duinocode–Prahaaladh Venkatesh

Fish Feeder–Paul Chia

Dirty Floor Reminder–Theodore Nguyen

Problem with Dry Skin–Zander Cheah



Young Innovator


Eld Buddy–Rameshkumar Srivikash

Mask Crusader–Oliver Choy Ken Jin-Trevor Choy Ken Rei

The Reminder–Javen Poh

Tired Then Fun–Ng Junfu Aden

Weather Bot–Lim Keng Sean


Young Engineer


COVID-19 Test Assistant–Sanjith

The Smartramp–Zavier Wong

Grabfood–Ng Zi Tao-Lew Qi Shen

Medicine Dispenser–Zedane Lim Guan Yong

A Professional Home Farm–Chong Bing Joon-Lay Jun Yu


Best Demonstration



Team Gladwin–Gladwin Ng Yan Gin

Medicine Dispenser–Arish Syed Ali-Yong Hon Zhi

The Washing Tree–Isaac Teo-Keith Tan


Young Designer


ALZ-Care–Woon Seng Hong-Andre Ho Hong Ming

Caring Monster–Sun Luke-Ashton Teo En Hao

Transmitless Transmittor (By APPtitude)–Laurent Low Le Hong-Sim Poh Siang


Young Innovator


Robot Cat-Apple Dusk–Wang Yi Fei

TT1–Rayken Chan

Lock1–Shang YiHong Esmond


Young Engineer


Security Alarm (By OnlyWs) –Tang Kai Wen-Tan Jun Meng

Excellent Era–Saran Barathi-PG Giri Nevaas

Falconite–Srinivasan Prajavin-Zach Anugrah Chu


Best Demonstration

Publish & Submit
25th Oct – 7th Nov

Project Assessment
8th – 21st Nov

Results Publicity
22nd – 24th Nov

Online Awarding
6th Dec

*All the deadlines are subject to UTC +8, Singapore time.



Elementary: 6-12 Years Old

Intermediate: 13-16 Years Old


1-2 Student(s)

1-2 Mentor(s)


Use mBlock 5 to program 


*Contestants should use mBlock 5 to program projects. The hardware is not limited. Recommended hardwares are shown as following.

 If you want to buy any equipment, please contact your trainer or sally.lum@wearepolaris.com 


AI & IoT Creator Add-on Pack

mBot Series Kit

Competition Rules 

Instructions(1): Publish Project
Instruction(2): Submit Project&Poster

Click above to check the rules guide details. 


If you have any questions, please scan the QR Code or click the link below to join the 2020-2021 MakeX Spark Online Group on Skype. https://join.skype.com/X5KZg8YXsnXp

What is MakeX Spark?

MakeX Spark Online Competition is a project-based creative design program for young people aged 6 to 16. The participating team will need to focus on the specific theme and devise a solution through software programming and hardware construction. The solution will be a demonstration project and a poster with topics including research, design-thinking process, construction scheme, and outcome summary. 

With the characteristics of low entry-level and flexible forms, Spark focuses on guiding teenagers to not only learn interdisciplinary knowledge and apply them to practical problems but also improve their problem-solving and logical-thinking abilities, developing their creativity and imagination. 


What comes to you when we talk about home? A nice house? A big dinner prepared by parents? A secret space for yourself? Or warm cares from family? A warm home refuels our bodies and spirit like a gas station. Amid the hustle and bustle of modern life, parents are always busy for business. When you hang out with friends, you cannot leave your kitties behind. But how to look after your company when you are apart? All you need is to take one more step, create your warm long-lasting care with ideas.

The theme of 2021 Singapore National MakeX Spark Online Competition is Family Care. Based on this theme, contestants are encouraged to build efficient projects for passing love and care. Here are some questions for you to think about: 1) How many family members are there in your home? Who are they? Have you met any problems when staying with them? What kinds of care do they need? 2) Do you know anyone who lacks family care more than others in your community? How can you help them? Let’s create a Family Care solution with our brilliant ideas!

Why Join MakeX Spark?

☆ Project-based creative design program

Unlike most robotics or coding competition, it also requires creativity, design-thinking and presentation, working as a complete project circle.

☆ Have all-round development

You will get a comprehensive development by using logical thinking and innovation to design solutions for a real-world problem and demonstrating it to others.

☆ A fun solution to distance learning

It gives you an opportunity to study at home and have great fun while creating and learning.

☆ Experience the joy of sharing

You are encouraged to showcase your project in the global community and share your experience in the online awarding ceremony!

☆ Compete virtually and submit online

You are free to complete your project anywhere and submit it online.


What They Say?

“I was not so convinced that our students could be able to participate in the competition after 3 months of intensive training. And I thought competitions or winning is not that important to them, but I was wrong. When they need to design, construct, and present their work at the end of the project, they surprised me by their commitment and creativity.”

Laura Wu
Mentor from STEM@IT

“We had quite problems with organization, because of the pandemic. Older students don’t have classes in school so we had to collaborate online. There was no problem with theory and discussing ideas, but when we had to do the practice part, there were a bit of hiccup. Some of them managed, some didn’t. But idea and preparation will stay with them for some other competition with the similar theme”.

Zeljko Udovcic
Mentor at C.H.A.O.S.

“MakeX is a terrific teaching material for young students to develop coding creativity and experience. Make X which has much better quality than any others in the market makes students highly concentrate on their projects. The best point we learned is that coding education should be to stimulate students’ interest, not just cramming something to their brain.”

Excellent Organization

Your Journey Through
MakeX Spark

2. Basic Workshops

Specially curated by industry experts

4. Online Submission

Publish in mBlock community: collect materials including images, videos, description, poster and personal info
Submit online

1. Learning & Research

Basic learning of hardware & software
Attend workshop
Topic research

3. Project Design & Construction

Generate possible solutions
Select a solution
Program and build up the structure
Test and improve Design your poster

5.Evaluation & Awarding

Judge evaluation
Online awarding ceremony

What You Can Get ?

 STEAM Report 

Through MakeX Spark, contestants can reflect on their abilities in five dimensions.

*Under the premise of complying the rules, contestants may receive a STEAM Ability Assessment Report. The diagram on the right is an example of the abilities distribution.

Use various types of electronic modules
Achieve the functions of the project accurately and smoothly
Proficient in applying programming concepts or algorithmic techniques
Concise program with no bug
Design complex mechanical structures
Use a variety of maker or art materials to design the outlook
Unique and novel solutions
Clear target users and project positioning, highly related to the theme
Speak fluently in the demonstration video
Show the complete problem-solving process


Young All-rounder 

E-certificate & Medal
CyberPi Go Kit

Top 3 in total

Young Designer


15%  in each group

Young Innovator


15%  in each group

Young Engineer


15% in each group

Best Demonstration


15% in each group

Excellent Mentor


Top 1 in total

Excellent Organization

Top 1 in total


In each competition, the top three contestants of the total score ranking can win the “Young All-Rounder” award (can be received together with one special award).

The Excellent Mentor award is comprehensively decided according to the number of contestants and award-winning projects instructed by the same mentor. The quota of this award is one for each match.

The Excellent Organization award is comprehensively selected according to the number of contestants and award-winning projects provided by the same educational organization. The quota of this award is one for each match.


E-certificate & STEAM Report

Young All-Rounder Medal

CyberPi Go Kit


Young All-Rounder: Each Young All-Rounder winner will receive an e-certificate, one Young All-Rounder Medal, and one CyberPi Go Kit.

Excellent Mentor / Excellent Organization: Each awarded mentor or organization will receive an e-certificate and one mBot2.

Special Awards Winner: Each special awarded winner (Young Designer, Young Innovator, Young Engineer, Best Demonstration) will receive an e-certificate.

Not-awarded Participant: The contestants who have not won any awards will receive a certificate of participation.

 Judge Panel 

Tan Cheng Yian-Chief Judge

CY Tan is the principal consultant and director of Dream Catcher Technologies and Sparklife Pte LtdDream Catcher is in the professional training business while Sparklife is engaging in STEM. CY has been in the STEM education business since 2015. He been appointed the chief judge of MakeX Singapore since 2018.

Koh Choon Chuan-Deputy Chief Judge

Choon Chuan have been in the STEM education industry for the more than 10 years. He specializes in Robotics and Coding. He looks forward for all the innovative and unique solutions in MakeXSG 2021.

Jimmy Hoon

Jimmy Hoon is the founder of Duino Kids, a fun and interactive coding courses, as well as a Senior Education Success Coach at a leading educational institute. A dynamic and engaging trainer/speaker, Jimmy has inspired more than 2,000 families through school workshops, government bodies and private corporations in Singapore.

Yap Yoon Kong

Being volunteer judge for MakeX for 3 years. With technical background of programming for years and interest to see how technology evolved and help to make our life better.

Wu Zhi Xian

Zhixian has a deep interest and knowledge in information technology.  He graduated with a Master Degree from Tsinghua University and has gained industrial experience in various Multinational Corporations over the past 20 years. 


Raphael believes that Robotics and Coding should be a fun endeavour for everyone as the applications are limitless. The only limit is your imagination. He has been providing training to teams that participate in locally held competitions over the past year. 

Philip Hoe

Prior to Sparklife, he was a business person as well as the developer of his own medical solution for clinics, GPs and specialists. In Sparklife, he has done a lot of programming using Blockly in mBlock as well as JavaScript and Python. The products he has used include mBot2, CyberPi, MicroBit and HaloCode.

Joel Yun

Mr Joel Yun, coding and robotics trainer, specializing in teaching youths and young children the fundamentals of programming. Writer of training curriculum materials, written in engaging and interactive ways to help capture the attention of students and impart the relevant knowledge in a fun and impactful manner. 

Pee Hai Rou

Hairou has a wide range of experience in the education industry in both the enrichment and k12 market. She is passionate in creating curriculum that incorporate elements of design challenges to better prepare learners in becoming proficient problem solvers.

All the project assessment work will be online. Each project is scored by several judges, and the disputed projects will be sent to the senior judges.
If you want to be the judge of 2021 Singapore National MakeX Spark Online Competition, please contact the organizer.



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MakeX Robotics Competition Committee

Polaris Network Pte Ltd

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