2022 MakeX Spark Online Competition-Singapore

Climate Action

Registration fee would be required for this competition.
Please contact the local organizer to get the details.
Contact: elyn.chu@wearepolaris.com
For more information, please refer to: www.makexsg.com

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What is MakeX Spark?

MakeX Spark is an innovation competition program for young people aged 6-13. In 2021, it reached more than 60 cities in 25 countries around the world, covering 450 schools and involving 1500 students.
The competition includes online and onsite event formats. Contestants are encouraged to use a variety of materials to design and build their projects. Through project-based learning, contestants boost their imagination and creativity, and combine with critical thinking and research of a real-world issue. Contestants are improving their cross-disciplinary problem-solving skills. Also, the contestants’ skills in expression, collaboration, and cooperation can be enhanced through project demonstration.

Climate Action


The theme is “Climate Action”. Contestants should create relevant creative projects by using hardware and programming around this theme.
Climate change has had an unprecedented impact on a global scale, with changing weather patterns leading to threats to food production and an increased risk of catastrophic flooding due to rising sea levels. Human activities are the main cause of the subsistence climate change. How to disseminate more knowledge about man-made climate change? How to reduce greenhouse gas emissions? What can we do in the face of climate warming, melting ice and snow, and expanding ocean area? Please give full play to your talents and call on everyone to take action!

Why Join MakeX Spark?

     Project-based creative design program

Unlike most robotics or coding competition, it also requires creativity, design-thinking and presentation, working as a complete project circle.

     Have all-round development

You will get a comprehensive development by using logical thinking and innovation to design solutions for a real-world problem and demonstrating it to others.

     A fun solution to distance learning

It gives you an opportunity to study at home and have great fun while creating and learning.

     Experience the joy of sharing

You are encouraged to showcase your project in the global community and share your experience in the online awarding ceremony!

     Compete virtually and submit online

You are free to complete your project anywhere and submit it online.

     Attend basic Workshops

The training workshops or webinars organized by MakeX will be open to all participating teams, with a variety of interesting and practical topics.

What They Say?

“I was not so convinced that our students could be able to participate in the competition after 3 months of intensive training. And I thought competitions or winning is not that important to them, but I was wrong. When they need to design, construct, and present their work at the end of the project, they surprised me by their commitment and creativity.”

Laura Wu
Mentor from STEM@IT


“MakeX is a terrific teaching material for young students to develop coding creativity and experience. MakeX which has much better quality than any others in the market makes students highly concentrate on their projects. The best point we learned is that coding education should be to stimulate students’ interest, not just cramming something to their brain.”

Excellent Organization


We had quite problems with organization, because of the pandemic. Older students don’t have classes in school so we had to collaborate online. There was no problem with theory and discussing ideas, but when we had to do the practice part, there were a bit of hiccup. Some of them managed, some didn’t. But idea and preparation will stay with them for some other competition with the similar theme.”

Zeljko Udovcic
Mentor at C.H.A.O.S


Publish & Submit Project
Project Assessment
Results Publicity


Online Awarding

What You Can Get?

STEAM Report

Contestants are evaluated on five dimensions of performance.

* Include creative thinking, electronic technology,programming ability, design ability and communication skills.

Each dimension is made up of 1-2 subdimensions


Professional Judge Panel

Judge panel of the 2022 MakeX Spark Online Competition consists of judges, senior judges and expert judges.
All the project assessment work will be online. Each project is scored by several judges, and the disputed projects will be sent to the senior judges.

Expert Judges

André Bresges

Prof. Dr. André Bresges is a director of the Institute of Physics Education, the University of Cologne.

He currently researches the application of digital media in science education and the use of Learning Management Systems for K-12 and higher education. He is part of the Committee for Educational Technology in the American Association for Physics Teacher (AAPT).

Khaled Eskaf

Dr. Khaled is the Assistance Professor of Intelligent Systems, College of Computing & Information Technology, Canada. He got Ph.D in computer science from Salford University- UK.

His research is related to the development and evaluation of novel intelligent and visualization systems that involve the digital signals and images using artificial intelligent techniques and pattern recognition.

Nasharuddin Zainal

Dr. Nasharuddin Zainal is a lecturer in Computer & Communication Engineering at the Department of Electrical, Electronic and Systems Engineering,The National University of Malaysia.

He received Ph.D in Engineering from the Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan. He is a professional Engineer registered with the Malaysian Board of Engineers, a senior member of the IEEE and a registered Member with the Malaysian Institute of Engineers.

Shuaiqi Meng

Mr. Shuaiqi is an associate professor and senior engineer; former R&d director of Multimedia Division of Tsinghua Electric Power Simulation Laboratory.

He obtained 1 national utility model patent and 7 software copyrights, with 16 years of experience in programming teaching, software development and management, and rich experience in innovation education and STEAM course design.

Fei Liu

Dr. Fei is graduated from The College of Mechatronic Engineering and Automation, National University of Defense Technology,with doctor degree of engineering, research focusing on robot control.

Since 2004, he has participated in many RoboCup international and domestic high-level competitions as the chairman of the organizing committee. He is also the Head referee of 2016-2019 VEX Robot Asian Open.

Lei Wang

Mr. Lei is the former director of Innovation Project of Peking University Maker Practice Education Center, member of Global Youth Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Competition, and head of EwC-Entrepreneur World Cup China.

He is engaged in student innovation and entrepreneurship practice education for many years and won the Innovation Practice Award of Peking University for two consecutive years.

* Displayed in no particular order.

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Previous Excellent Projects

Your Journey Through MakeX Spark

2022 MakeX World Championship

Top 2 teams will be advanced to 2022 MakeX World Championship.

Special Award winners are eligible to apply for the 2022 World Robot Contest.
Rules Guide
Click the Rules Guide for details

Project Submission Guide

STEP 1 : Publish Project

Each team should create the project based on the theme, and publish the project in mBlock community along with the picture and video.

>> Watch the video of Publish Project

STEP 2 : Submit Project & Poster

After publishing the project, each team should choose the project, fill in personal information, upload the poster and finish the submission during the valid period.

<< Watch the video of Submit Project & Poster

Details & Regulations

Participation Requirements
1. Team member:
1-2 contestant(s)
1-2 mentor(s)
2. Age:
Elementary Group: 6-9 years old (inclusive)
Intermediate Group: 10-13 years old
Mentor: 18 years old and above
3.Each team can only publish one project to participate in a single match.
4. Mentor shall guide and supervise the students to carry out safe construction operation and tool use during the event.

    Project Requirements

    1. Project should be created around the theme of the event and should submit before the deadline.
    2. Each team must publish original and non-adapted project.
    3. The submitted project shall cover the following contents:
    1) Project program
    2) Project Introduction ( The whole project is generally 700 to 900 words long, without exceeding 2000 words )
    3) 3 or more clearly visible photos of project ( support GIF, JPG, PNG format, and the size of a single one should not exceed 10M )
    4) 1 complete demo video ( support MP4 and MOV formats, with single storage no more than 200M )
    5) Project Poster

    Recommended Equipments

    Recommended equipments are shown as follows. If you want to buy any equipment, please contact the local distributor or MakeX Committee: makex_overseas@makeblock.com.


    If you have any questions, please scan the QR Code or click the above link to join the 2022 MakeX Spark Group on Skype.

    Project Gallery

    Projects will be displayed after Sept 19.


    Thank you to all the contestants and mentors for joining the 2022 MakeX Spark Online Competition-Singapore National Competition. The final result is listed below. The award certificates and score reports will be sent to each contestant via email within a month. Those who are not awarded on the list will also get the participation e-certificate. Any questions please contact us via makex_overseas@makeblock.com

    Thanks to the judging panel who put a lot of effort into this competition. They are (in no particular order): Tan Cheng Yian, Joel Ho Eng Kiat, Nichalas Vun, Yap Yoon Kong, Jimmy Hoon, Ng Teng Hee, Lee Raphael, Cristina G. Saulo, Uma Mageswari, Lo Heung Kwong John, Seri Mastura Mustaza, Ts. Mohd Zaki bin Ghazali, Lalaine C. Naanep, Nasharuddin Zainal, Antonius.Juniadhi.Soekendar, Krittaphat Monaiyakool, Terry Jiang, Jomar Cruz, Anandhi Balaji, Cheng, Kwok Wai, David Peng.




    The Perfect Water Bottle——Xu Letian Victor
    *The champion team will receive one E-certificate, one trophy and one mBot2. Each member of the team will receives one Gold Medal.




    Eddie Tay: Smart Solar Energy Collector-Eddie Tay Boon Kiat
    *The runner-up team will receive one E-certificate and one trophy. Each member of the team receives one Silver Medal.




    MakeX2022_High-Tech-PY-Wesley Lim
    *The second runner-up team will receive one E-certificate and one trophy. Each member of the team receives one Bronze Medal.








    Second Runner-up

     Special Awards
    • Eddie Tay: Smart Solar Energy Collector-Eddie Tay Boon Kiat
    • Auto Assisant-Georgina Yibing Tanujoyo
    • THE RECYCLING BOT by Caleb Chan-Caleb Chan
    • ROBO X by Zander Siow-Zander Seow
    • The Earth Is Green Again!-Daven Teo Liang Rui
    • Project Green Recycle BY Lantz Tan-Lantz Tan
    • My Trash Robot by Jaylon Tan-Jaylon Tan
    • Solar Electric Robot Trash Picker-Andre Teo Jin Yuan


    • Team Kopitiam-Ong Cheng Feng
    • Ng Jian Hao – Robo J-Ng Jian Hao
    • Flood gate-Sai Mahar & Tan Jun Jiak,Titus
    • Asher Lo_MakeX 2022_Project Stellare-Asher Lo Ye Jun
    • The Mini Garbage Truck (Ecobot) by Kaeden Tan-Kaeden Tan
    • Final Project_Shravan-Shravan Venkatesh
    • Forest fire-Marri Venkata Pratham Siddarth & Bhavesh
    • MakeX2022_High-Tech-PY-Wesley Lim


    • The Perfect Water Bottle-Xu Letian Victor
    • Smart Watering System-Soh Jing Xi Kenny
    • competition tree and rhino final SERIOUSLY!!!!! (1)-Jayden Lee
    • Solar Charging Station-Isaac Teo & Keith Chua
    • Rubbish Collector by Xavier Chai-Xavier Chai
    • Mr Pumpkinman-Tristan Chua Cheng Jin & Tyler Chua Cheng EE
    • SolarAuto Charger by Joseph Khoo-Joseph Khoo Boon Pin
    • Team Thunder-Diya Sathiyamoorthi & Ethan Lim Teck Xuan
    • makeX Spark-Lim En Kai & Grace Sun
    • Farming and Seeds Planting Robot by Prahaaladh-Prahaaladh
    • Zero Carbon by Aaden Lim-Aaden Lim
    • makex_hansel-Hansel Leoric
    • Javan Tan Trash Picker Robot-JAVAN TAN YANG AN
    • Aircraft Emergency Recovery Robot by Eason Quek-Eason Quek
    • makeX Spark_Jia Le-Fong Jia Le
    • Garbage Dumpster by Xavier Seow-Xavier Seow
    *Above each special award winner will receive an E-certificate.

    Young Designer

    Young Innovator

    Young Engineer

    Best Demonstration




    YuhuaTeamA-TreePlantingRobot-Ong Chen Teck Brayden & Ric Neo Jun Wei
    *The champion team will receive one E-certificate, one trophy and one mBot2. Each member of the team will receives one Gold Medal.




    BioGreen-Jonathan Leong & Han Qi-Li
    *The runner-up team will receive one E-certificate and one trophy. Each member of the team receives one Silver Medal.




    ScrapForge-Sim Poh Siang & Mikhail Daanish Bin Mohamed Hadir
    *The second runner-up team will receive one E-certificate and one trophy. Each member of the team receives one Bronze Medal.



    Awards List



    Second Runner-up

     Special Awards
    • Robotic Tree Planter by Celeste and Maxine-Maxine Lock Mei Xing & Celeste How SiQi
    • BioGreen-Jonathan Leong & Han Qi-Li
    • The Automatic Vacuum Robot by Cody Tan-Cody Tan
    • YuhuaTeamA-TreePlantingRobot-Ong Chen Teck Brayden & Ric Neo Jun Wei
    • ScrapForge-Sim Poh Siang & Mikhail Daanish Bin Mohamed Hadir
    • Combustion Optimisθr by GMSS 1-Jesse Oh Xin An & Shah Helik Hitesh
    • makexspark 2022 Garden of the future by team A&H-Yong Hon Zhi & Arish Syed Ali
    • MakeX YuhuaTeam C : Light Tracking Solar Panel-Chan Zhi Hng & Chew Shi An Ryan
    • r³ (Recycling Right Robot)-Chua Zhe Yu Darius & Benson Huang Yi Fei
    • makeXsparkcodeSG-Adam bin Adnan & Daniel Liong
    • Hydroponics system-Tammineni Sreejan & Mo Langning
    • Turn it Off, by Farooq and Tristan-Ng Jia Le, Tristan & Farooq s/o Mocktarhe Alom
    • Garbage Collector by Hao Yuan-Sow Hao Yuan
    • Delivery robot by Keegan Lee-Keegan Lee
    • Vacuum-Packer for Food (Pack a Snack)-Adwin Lau Yu Tan (Liu Yutan) & Isaac Teo En-Wei
    • Derpbot – beach cleanup robot-Benjamin Chew Wen Jin 
    • The Water Dispenser-Wang Jiarui & Ramakrishnan Nithesh
    • Smart Home-Ang Qi Zheng Keevan & Ng Yan Xi Jericho
    • Water sprinkler-Reyes Teo Wen Xun & Shane Sebastian lee
    • Light shelter-Koh Jia Jie & Teo Yu Heng, Justin
    Awards List

    Young Designer

    Young Innovator

    Young Engineer

    Best Demonstration



    Jimmy Hoon
    *The mentor will receive an E-certificate.




    *The organization will receive an E-certificate.



    Best Mentor

    Best Organization

    *Above two special awards are regardless of group division.

    Hosted by: MakeX Robotics Competition Committee

    Organizer: Shenzhen Makeblock Co.,Ltd